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Here we are going to describe the different TESTAR options to connect with the desired application to test, also called System Under Test (SUT). Moreover, to choose the best option, we need to understand how the SUT is running into the environment.

TESTAR main version

TESTAR main version offers three different options to connect with the SUT.


  • Prerequisites (SUT is not yet running)

This configuration mode consists of indicate the location of an executable file, execute them according to the type of the file (application.exe, java -jar application.jar, etc...). Then TESTAR, after launching the SUT, will connect with the process of the current application to test.


  1. Selecting "C:\\Windows\\System32\\notepad.exe" like SUT, TESTAR will execute this file and connect with the main process.

  • Additional: Finish TESTAR will close the SUT


  • Prerequisites (SUT is running)
  • The GUI windows of the SUT must be in the foreground; otherwise, TESTAR will not be able to find it.

This configuration mode consists of indicating a String that matches with the Title of the running GUI window that we desire to test.

Applications that are under execution into Windows OS, have a windows handle identifier that represents the container of the GUI, this one descends from the Windows Desktop environment. TESTAR can obtain a list of the current windows containers in the foreground that are currently running on Windows OS, and use the Windows Accessibility API to obtain the Title of these differents containers/windows.

When TESTAR finds a running windows in the foreground with the introduced Title, TESTAR will return their process has a SUT.


  1. Windows Notepad application is running with a non saved document. Into the top of the GUI windows the Title contains "Untitled", so we can use this String as a Title match.
  2. We opened a document called "Shopping list", the we can use "Shopping" as a Title match.

  • Additional: Finish TESTAR will NOT close the SUT


  • Prerequisites (SUT is running)

This configuration mode consists of indicating a String that matches with the process name of the desired SUT to test.

TESTAR will take a list of the current processes running in the environment, then, using the String process name, TESTAR will try to find a match between all the name processes and the one entered by the user.

TESTAR instantly return a process as a SUT when it finds a match with one process, this means that the process name must be unique to avoid interactions with NON desired processes.


  1. We have Windows Notepad (notepad.exe) and Notepad++ (notepad++.exe) applications running in our environment., and we configure TESTAR with a SUT_PROCESS_NAME connection and we indicate the process name as "notepad".

Both applications match with the String "notepad", so TESTAR will return the first process that matches as SUT.

  • Additional: Finish TESTAR will NOT close the SUT

TESTAR WebDriver version

TESTAR WebDriver offers an additional option to connect to the desired SUT using the Selenium webdrivers.


This configuration mode consists of indicating the location of the downloaded Selenium Webdriver and the URL of the desired web page to test. In the Webdriver protocol (use the "Edit protocol" button) we will need to customize the test domain of TESTAR executions, or disable this feature.

Chrome browser will open with the selected web page and the webdriver will begin to act as a GUI API that allows TESTAR to detect all widgets of the DOM and perform actions on these widgets.


  1. We select the location of the Webdriver "C:\\Windows\\chromedriver.exe" and the web page that will act as SUT "https:\\". TESTAR will open the Chrome browser and execute the selected mode.

  • Additional: Finish TESTAR will close the SUT

This protocol has some interesting advanced configuration options that the user must know to improve the use of TESTAR. In this link we show more advanced details about this configuration: How to set TESTAR with Webdriver protocol

How is running the SUT?

Special/Particular applications

Windows 10 applications (Example Windows 10 Calculator)
Java applications launched under .exe file
Multi processes applications