What is TESTAR?

A fully automated GUI testing framework for desktop and web applications

Why do I need TESTAR? How can TESTAR help my company?

User satisfaction, quality and new market demands force continuous application release cycles, which make regression tests a challenge to meet with the testing costs of the company.

TESTAR testing approach can significantly reduce testing costs by completely automating tests, and they will still run when the application changes.

How much does TESTAR cost?

TESTAR is distributed FREE of charge as an open source project under the BSD3 license

Can TESTAR replace my existing testing procedures?

No – This is not a “one size fits all” testing framework. TESTAR will run autonomously while you perform your usual testing processes.

How does TESTAR complement my existing testing processes?

TESTAR performs autonomously and it does not interfere with new application releases.

TESTAR can also perform stress testing by fast execution of actions

TESTAR may also be integrated with existing testing processes, blending interactive manual testing, ad-hoc test scripts,etc.

Which platforms are supported?

TESTAR currently supports Windows, MacOS and Android.

How much hassle does it take to install TESTAR?

None whatsoever. TESTAR is released as a Java application (jar file).

How much maintenance does TESTAR take?

TESTAR does not require maintenance. Yet, testing performance can be optimized to new demands.

What if my application GUI changes?

You will still be able to run your tests automatically. However, it is recommended to optimize the TESTAR testing protocol for improved testing satisfaction.

What is required from the System Under Test (SUT)?

Not much, just that the application respects the accesibility API of the underlying Operating System.

How can the TESTAR testing protocol be customized?

See Customising the testing protocol

What is the stopping criterion? When does TESTAR stop?

See Termination Criteria.  ‎

Can we visualize the Widget Tree?

TESTAR dinamically overlays widgets information over the SUT its GUI.

What information is included in the Results Report?

TESTAR results are currently reported as logs, with fully detailed console information.

What happens if the functionalities of the accessibility API change?

TESTAR plugins would need to be adapted to acquire full advantage of the new accesbility API.

TESTAR has found an error, what next?

TESTAR provides three options to examine what has happened:

  1. Using Replay mode, the sequence that caused the error can be run again (this allows to determine whether the error is reproducible)
  2. Using View mode you can access a number of screenshots of the actions executed which will allow you to see the details.
  3. Or you can look directly at the logs generated (in the /output directory).

Does it test all kinds of desktop, web and mobile (Android) applications?

TESTAR works best with accesiblity-ready applications.

Where can I download TESTAR from?

See our downloads page

I still miss a feature in TESTAR

You can provide feedback to the TESTAR team in the contact page

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